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Cyberpunk Now – Ep46

Spork? Screw you, auto correct!

We make no excuses for our love of science fiction and our collective love of the cyberpunk genre. However, there are things from the “golden age” of cyberpunk (late 80s through the 90s) that have been overtaken by modern technology. In addition to that, it seems that we are closer to the dark future envisioned by cyberpunk authors than some might think.


We examine this through one of our favorite lenses… Shadowrun.


Cyberpunk Now – Ep46


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, (Mark), Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 39:58


00:00     Action Nerds: Go! Promo

00:09     Intro

00:42     TANGENT: Perfect (?) Stranger

Item Mentioned: Perfect Strangers

01:00     On to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Shadowrun

01:44     TANGENT: The Trouble with Near Future Sci-Fi

Items Mentioned: Saved by the Bell, Neuromancer

03:10     Back to Topic

03:23     TANGENT: Star Trek the Original Series

Items Mentioned: Star Trek

04:38     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Virgin Galactic

05:56     TANGENT: Mark’s Old Communicator and Lightsaber Construction

Item Mentioned: Motorola StarTAC

07:06     Back to Topic

08:00     TANGENT: Wolverine’s Medical Problems

Item Mentioned: Wolverine

08:27     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: The Simpsons, Google Driverless Car, Jack Kerouac, Easy Rider, Ray Kurzweil,  The Island, Tiny Lister, Warhammer 40K, Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Gattaca, Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

21:20     TANGENT: No Sleep – The Eugenics Wars

Items Mentioned: Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, X Files

22:20     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Chuck Palahnuik, Starbucks, Panasonic 3D TV, Square, Mobil Speed Pass, Barrett, Steve Austin, Blackwater, Predators, Sons of Guns, Anonymous, Hackers, WikiLeaks

33:29     TANGENT: Texas Ass High

Items Mentioned: Cyberathlete Professional League, Halflife TFC, GenCon, Bladerunner

34:47     Back to Topic

39:11     Outro




Future of Gaming – Episode 15

The Future

In this episode we speculate on the future of tabletop gaming. This episode expounds on some points made in Episode 3 regarding technology and the pen & paper gaming experience. We also have a special thank you at the end.


Future of Gaming – Ep 15


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan & Mark
Running Time – 27:23


00:00 – 00:28      Intro

00:28 – 04:21      Topic: Future of Gaming

Items Mentioned: Microsoft Surface D&D, Bioware, Google +, Google Wave, Final Draft

04:21 – 05:36      TANGENT: Luddite Mike

Item Mentioned: Canonfire! Greytalk (actually Greychat)

05:36 – 07:15      Back on Topic

07:15 – 09:17      TANGENT: Why it Might Not Work For Us

09:17 – 12:51      Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Transcendent Man, Xbox Live, Star Trek TNG, Shadowrun

12:51 – 14:15      TANGENT: Ray Kurzweil

14:15 – 16:53      Back on Topic

Item Mentioned: Fallout 3

16:53 – 18:20      TANGENT: The eBook Experience

Items Mentioned: Amazon Kindle, Aces & Eights, White Wolf Publishing

18:20 – 19:06      TANGENT: Comic Book Future

19:06 – 20:31      TANGENT: Changes at Wizards of the Coast

Items Mentioned: WoTC, Guide to the Star Wars Universe,

Dragon Magazine

20:31 – 23:48      Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: True 20, Green Ronin Publishing, Hasbro,

Mass Effect 3

23:48 – 24:41      TANGENT: Computer Games

Item Discussed: Facebook

24:41 – 25:51      Back on Topic

25:51 – 26:55      SIDETANGENT: Congrats to Spike

Item Mentioned: Zazzle

26:55 – 27:23      Outro




Games Discussed:

Dungeons & Dragons, Aces & Eights, Werewolf, True 20, Shadowrun