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Tag: Record of Lodoss War

Dragons – Ep35


Two badass dragons... but not what we are talking about.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a dragon?


We answer this as we talk about fantasy’s most iconic creature.


Dragons – Ep35


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson and Shawn


Running Time – 32:27


00:00     Intro

00:23     Topic: Dragons

00:30     TANGENT: Yes, Mike… this is your topic choice.

00:54     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Skyrim, Council of Wyrms, Dragonlance, Record of Lodoss War, Dragonslayer, Dragonheart

07:22     TANGENT: Reign of Fire Sausage-fest

Items Mentioned: Reign of Fire, Conan, Rotten Tomatoes

09:27     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: The Never Ending Story, Big Trouble in Little China, Fin Fang Foom, Legend of the Five Rings, Ladyhawke

18:46     TANGENT: Dragon Themed Characters

22:10     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: The Hobbit, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

23:28     TANGENT: No More Ebay for Aaron

24:00     Back on Topic

Items Mentioned: World of Warcraft, Dragon Mountain

31:45     Outro



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Movies: Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Apparently I should see it…

This week’s show is a bit different. We talk about some of our favorite movies, but we also have the perspective of Mandy (Deuce’s wife and Eric’s sister).


We also run long on this one. That is for two reasons: We intended to break this episode up into two parts, but decided that that was lame so we didn’t. The other reason is that it is not as tediously edited as our regular episodes. We did that because we wanted to convey the feeling of what it really is like to sit at the table with us as we bullshit.


Movies : Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Running Time – 1:10:07


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Mandy, Deuce & Jayson


00:00 – 00:30                      Intro

00:30 – 00:32                      Topic: Movies

00:32 – 01:24                      TANGENT: A Full House & The Internets Can’t Tell Us Apart

01:24 – 03:03                      Back on Topic

03:03 – 07:23                      Topic: Dan’s Movie List

07:23 – 14:16                      Topic: Mandy’s Movie List

14:16 – 20:46                      Topic: Deuce’s Movie List

20:46 – 27:05                      Topic: Mark’s Movie List

27:05 – 33:21                      Topic: Jayson’s Movie List

33:21 – 38:44                      Topic: Mike’s Movie List

38:44 – 46:50                      Topic: Eric’s Movie List

46:50 – 49:48                      Topic: Honorable Mentions

49:48 – 50:42                      TANGENT: Mayan Tribe Denier

50:42 – 51:15                      Back on Topic

51:15 – 51:45                      TANGENT: 2 Girls 1 Cup

51:45 – 59:40                      Back on Topic: Future Wishes

59:40 – 1:09:39                  Topic: Green Lantern and Other Summer Movies

1:09.39 – 1:10:07               Outro