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Tag: roleplaying games

Support Characters Are Fun Too

Playing a support role doesn’t mean taking a back seat.


Thank you to Alex Herring for sponsoring this episode!


This season is sponsored by the one and only Toju!


Cast – Babs, Brandon, Mike, Brandi, Jayson, Eric and Dan



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BattleTech: Once You Go Traitor [Openly Gamer Theatre Audio Drama]

Some fights are still worth waging.


MIRARI BAUDIN – Katarina Ausley
JAVIER ARTIS – Alan Gerding
YULENE – Emily Morgan

ROB – Devon Kelley
PELLOLevente Gál
GALWAY – Quinn Wilson
FRANKS – Kevin Smith
JULIE – Jennifer Ausley
PORCHE – Riley Hinton
JEB – Kendall Jung

NARRATOR: Chris Hussey


Theme Music by Kick Lee

Background Music by MachinimaSound


Written by Chris Hussey

Script by Chris Hussey and Eric Ausley

Produced and Directed by Eric Ausley

Thank you…

To Catalyst Game Labs for allowing us to make this production.

BattleTech is copyrighted property of The Topps Company.

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