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Tag: Space Balls

Villains – Ep51

Who is the Greatest of all Time?

Many people say that it’s the villains that make the hero.


Okay that may be true, but in that case what are the criteria for truly epic villains? What sets them apart from mediocre or lame villains?


In this episode we enlist the help of Mike and Ryan from Action Nerds: Go! to answer these questions.


Villains – Ep51


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson, Shawn, (Mike) Kramer & Ryan


Running Time – 39:52


00:00     Intro and Welcome

00:46     On to the Topic

00:56     TANGENT: Why is Alan Rickman Awesome and Not  Lance Henrickson

Items Mentioned: Alan Rickman, Brian Bozworth, Lance Henriksen

02:43     Back to Topic

Item Mentioned: Star Wars

03:24     TANGENT: The Evolution of Ghetto Leah

03:59     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: James Bond, Gary Oldman, The Professional

06:05     TANGENT: Lost in Space

Items Mentioned: Lost in Space, Matt LeBlanc

06:47     TANGENT: William Hurt or John Hurt?

Item Mentioned: V for Vendetta

07:24     Back to Topic

Item Mentioned: Masters of the Universe

08:11     TANGENT: The Female Skeletor and She Man

Item Mentioned: IO9

08:46     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Friday the 13th, Jaws, Megamind, Shadowrun, Inspector Gadget, Eli Tomorast, The Usual Suspects, Watchmen, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Wookiepedia

17:21     SIDETANGENT: Star Wars, Star Wars and more Star Wars

25:48     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Unbreakable, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Joker, Hannibal Lecter, American Psycho, Psycho, Ed Gein, Mr. Blonde Song, Princess Bride, Wizard of Oz, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Little House on the Prairie, The Black Adder, Back to the Future, The Dark Tower, Space Balls, Game of the Thrones, Cowboy Bebop, Michael Wincott, Darth Plagueis

39:06     Outro






Thanks to Mike and Ryan for joining us. Please check out their show Action Nerds: Go!


Movies: Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Apparently I should see it…

This week’s show is a bit different. We talk about some of our favorite movies, but we also have the perspective of Mandy (Deuce’s wife and Eric’s sister).


We also run long on this one. That is for two reasons: We intended to break this episode up into two parts, but decided that that was lame so we didn’t. The other reason is that it is not as tediously edited as our regular episodes. We did that because we wanted to convey the feeling of what it really is like to sit at the table with us as we bullshit.


Movies : Gamer/Nerd Culture – Ep 13

Running Time – 1:10:07


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Mandy, Deuce & Jayson


00:00 – 00:30                      Intro

00:30 – 00:32                      Topic: Movies

00:32 – 01:24                      TANGENT: A Full House & The Internets Can’t Tell Us Apart

01:24 – 03:03                      Back on Topic

03:03 – 07:23                      Topic: Dan’s Movie List

07:23 – 14:16                      Topic: Mandy’s Movie List

14:16 – 20:46                      Topic: Deuce’s Movie List

20:46 – 27:05                      Topic: Mark’s Movie List

27:05 – 33:21                      Topic: Jayson’s Movie List

33:21 – 38:44                      Topic: Mike’s Movie List

38:44 – 46:50                      Topic: Eric’s Movie List

46:50 – 49:48                      Topic: Honorable Mentions

49:48 – 50:42                      TANGENT: Mayan Tribe Denier

50:42 – 51:15                      Back on Topic

51:15 – 51:45                      TANGENT: 2 Girls 1 Cup

51:45 – 59:40                      Back on Topic: Future Wishes

59:40 – 1:09:39                  Topic: Green Lantern and Other Summer Movies

1:09.39 – 1:10:07               Outro