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Sith Campaign Recap – Ep84

Late in 2011, we started the process of creating our next actual play podcast. Following in the wake of our well received Victoriana series, we wanted to take on something a little larger in scope. It was decided that we would play Star Wars Saga Edition, set it in the Old Republic and make the entire story adversarial.

One year later, having just finished final cast recording, we all sat down and discussed the meta-knowledge involved in the story.


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Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn

Intro: Jayson
Outro: Dan

Items Mentioned:
Star Wars, Old Republic, Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, They Live, Police Squad, Star Trek, Dune, Dark Horse Comics, Monty Python, Benny Hill, Gen Con, Smallville, Leverage

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Star Wars Actual Play – Power of the Darkside – Prologue


3640 BBY

The Sith Empire and Jedi backed Republic are fighting a cold war that has kept the galaxy under constant threat. Bitter disputes and skirmishes flare up across all sectors. None are willing to openly declare war and seem content with goading the other into making the first move.

A group of Sith apprentices are summoned before the Dark Council on Dromund Kaas to undertake a mission of the utmost importance. One that may have a profound affect the Sith/Jedi struggle. One that may tip the scales of balance in the galaxy. One that they must keep secret from all, except those who need to know.

They are rivals. Each with a master who is pulling their strings for their own agendas. Each knows that the others are against them but they do not know to what extent.

Is this a test of the Dark Council to pit them against each other to weed out the weak? Will they put aside their rivalries for the betterment of the Sith Empire or will they succumb to the seductive Power of the Darkside?


Player Characters:

Zandar Vexx (Daniel Helderman)

Kept from the Sith imperial machine for the majority of his training, Zandar is very much an enigma. He was not traditionally trained at the Sith Academy. He was trained by Darth Studis on an undisclosed world by unsanctioned means.


Daemus Karn (Mark Knapp)

The most promising product of the Sith Academy in decades, Karn is the apprentice of Darth Invidius. His command of the dark side is borderline mythic making him the first Sith since Darth Inferis to be given the label of “prodigy”.


Kadri Dyvas (Mike Bridges)

The cunning and deadly apprentice to the Spider, Kadri is his mistress’ implement of death. He is a skilled assassin that specializes in hard target elimination. His loyalty is unquestioned and his effectiveness is undeniable.


Riq Da’Naer (Jayson King)

Riq is fits the stereotype of Correlian space jockey perfectly. He was raised on a starship and cut his teeth as a freighter captain during the tail end of the Great Galactic War at the young age of sixteen and developed quite a reputation during the ensuing Cold War.


Syphus Baan (Shawn King)

A member of Clan Varad, Syphus has struck out on his own to find his fortune as many Mandalorians tend to do. He is a skilled tracker, but his real talent is as a marksman. There are few, even among the Mandalorians, who can match him with a rifle.


Want More?

Check out the online campaign companion here on Obsidian Portal.

Next Episode:

Episode 1 – Agents of the Dark Council


Star Wars is property of Disney
Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game – Wizards of the Coast
Music – John Williams
Sound Effects – Ben Burtt

MMOs and New Gamers – Ep 19

This week we welcome a new member of the cast, Shawn. He is gracious enough to allow us to record at his house during the summer (thus keeping us from killing each other in a heat induced psychotic outburst).


Our topic is MMO’s (Massive Multi-player Online games… for those who don’t understand nerd) which is something that the gaming community is split on, some love it and some revile it. But, love them or hate them they certainly have changed table-top roleplaying forever.


MMOs and New Gamers – Ep 19


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan & Shawn
Total Run Time – 40:22


00:00     Intro

00:29     TANGENT: Welcome to Shawn

02:09     Topic: MMOs

Items Discussed: Diablo, Ultima Online, Neverwinter Nights, D&D Online, Balder’s Gate, Champions Online

09:00     TANGENT: Second Skin

Items Discussed: Second Skin, Hulu

09:29     Back on Topic

Items Discussed: City of Heroes, DC Online, Star Wars: Old Republic, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Blood Bowl, Fallout, Cracked

19:33     TANGENT: Video Game Hockey

20:41     TANGENT: What Video Games Are We Playing?

Items Discussed: Steam, FUMBBL, Infamous, Elder Scrolls

23:48     TANGENT: Father of the Year

25:29     SIDETANGENT: Hooking New Table-Top Gamers

Items Discussed: D&D Encounters, World of Warcraft RPG, Magic the Gathering, Shadowrun, Steve Kenson, World of Darkness, Twilight, Kindred the Embraced, GURPS, Villains and Vigilantes, Hero Clix, Fantasy Shop

39:54     Outro




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