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Urban Fantasy – Ep202

Harry, M***** F***ing, Dresden
Harry, M***** F***ing, Dresden

A genre that we agree is probably one of the best ones to hook new gamers is the urban (or modern) fantasy. It is abundant in many forms of media nowadays, it would be hard to find someone who cannot identify it.

Cast – Dan, Mike, Brandon, Brandi, Shawn, Eric and Shannon

Items Mentioned:
Shadowrun, Numenera, Dresden Files, Monster Hunter International, Once Upon a Time, Vampire the Masquerade, X-Files, Harry Potter, Underworld, Twilight Saga, Neverwhere, Friday the 13th TV Show, Kolchak the Nightstalker, Corporia, Delta Green, Little Fears, Doctor Who, FATE System, Sandman Slim

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Character Creation: Low Level vs. High – Ep27

Booger… A Man Ahead of His Time

Something we used to do a lot was create characters of advanced level, but we stopped and now almost exclusively make entry-level characters and go from there.


Is there a reason to make a more advanced character? Are the lower levels more important because they are the formative, character developing levels that set the stage for the character’s career?


This week we take a look at this trend of ours and weigh its merit.


Character Creation: Low Level vs. High – Ep27


Cast: Eric, Mike, Dan, Jayson & Shawn
Running Time – 21:16


00:00     Intro

00:25     TANGENT: Jen… the derailer

00:51     Topic: High vs. Low Character Generation

Item Mentioned: Dungeons & Dragons

02:55     TANGENT: Power-leveling in MMO

Items Mentioned: City of Heroes, World of Warcraft

03:37     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds

07:01     TANGENT: Jayson’s Lifelong Nemesis

07:53     Back to Topic

13:18     TANGENT: What are the 40K RPGs

Items Mentioned: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Firefly

14:30     Back to Topic

Items Mentioned: Aces & Eights, Sidewinder, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Underworld

20:04     TANGENT: Douching the Campaign

Item Mentioned: Revenge of the Nerds

20:49     Outro



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