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Tag: victorian era

Actual Play Victoriana – Ep1

After many discussions and disagreements, we decided to record a series of game sessions and release them as bonus content. It is very much an experiment for us and based on the feedback we get on this, it could be an isolated incident.


We decided to chose a game that would be new to us, because we wanted to present something fresh. If we recorded one of our old standby games, like D&D or Shadowrun… let’s just say that we needed something new to add a spark to things.


We hope you enjoy.


Cast – Eric, Mike , Dan, Mark, Jayson & Shawn


00:00     Intro

00:22     Pregame: Why Actual Play?

01:15     Pregame: Character Introductions and Background Info

14:49     The Game Begins: The Penelope Austin Case Pt 1

51:49     Outro