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The Lure of Mash-Ups – Ep278


We love mash-ups. Many people do. But why?


Cast – Brandi, Mike, Dan and Eric


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  1. Danny
    Danny August 10, 2016

    I am going to miss the show so much. Adding a drunk Brandi turned it into a glorious mess 😉

    Characters from books? I reckon you go Thomas Wraith from Dresden. Sex vampire that is also a bad ass….greatest character ever 😉

    Love that you mentioned Farwest, I love the idea of this game, but the 5th anniversary of the kickstarter must be coming up soon, do you reckon we will ever get it?

  2. Karl Keesler
    Karl Keesler August 11, 2016

    I LOVE Mash-Ups! Fun episode. I’m a mash-up fan. I’ve done 4 different eras of “League”games, ’00’s, ’90’s, ’80’s and the ’70’s.

    I like to find a theme and build the game around it. Like the 80’s theme was Time Travel, the 70’s was a Southern Car Chase, the 90’s was Vampires and the 00’s was Zombies.

    This year at Gencon I ran a mash-up game called Goonies meets the Ghostbusters where you get to choose from 14 characters (a Goonie or Ghostbuster). The game was a lot of fun. Because I had so many characters to pick from every game was a little different.

    One reason I like mash-ups for conventions games is that the player immediately gets into character because they are already familiar with them and they get to put their own spin on them.

    Here’s some links to some of my games that I’ve thrown up on Google +…
    70’s League :

    80’s League:

    90’s League:

    My Setup for Goonies meets the Ghostbusters:

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