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Thieves! – Ep65

Thick as thieves? You goddam betcha!

A thief in the group can be a blessing and a curse. No other class in Dungeons & Dragons elicits the same level of uneasiness among the group. A thief can get you in a door or find a deadly trap on a treasure chest, but they also are shady bastards that try to keep all the best treasure for themselves and will shank you if they think they could get away with it.


We take an intimate look at this iconic character class. How it has changed over the editions of the game and how it is still causing party woes.


Thieves! – Ep65


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark and Shawn


Running Time – 33:01


00:00     Intro: Eric

00:30     Getting to the Topic

Items Mentioned: Star Wars (West End Games), Dungeons & Dragons

03:40     TANGENT: Class Based Magic Items

Item Mentioned: World of Warcraft

04:16     Back to the Topic

Items Mentioned: The Avatar Trilogy, Ocean’s Eleven, Leverage, Lynn Flewelling, Thieves World, Green Ronin, Lankhmar, Shadowrun, Sneakers, Eddie Izzard, Jean Reno, The Dark Tower, Ladyhawke, Conan

16:37     TANGENT: Adversarial Sith

17:03     Return to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Discworld

20:49     TANGENT: Mark’s Feelings on Competition & Healer/Fighter XP Farm

22:24     Again to the Topic

Item Mentioned: Harry Potter

28:40     TANGENT: DRKCV’s Campaign Idea

30:10     Final Thoughts on the Topic

Items Mentioned: Erevis Cale Series, Victoriana

32:18     Outro: Jayson




  1. Jesse
    Jesse July 11, 2012

    When you guys talk about non-trustworthy thieves, I must point you guys to Pierre Despereaux from Psych. Yes, he will steal from you. Yes, he will twist your words around. Yes, he will trick you into doing things for him that you didn’t realize were to his benefit. But the one thing he’ll never do is outright lie to you, nor will he ever turn back on his word. Much like a djinn, he’ll twist your words around to better his own agenda, but he’ll still keep to the letter of the word when it comes down to it. It’s one of those things where you just have to say “Well, he did do what he said he was going to.” Those are some of my favorite thieves – so lovable that you just want to punch them in the face.

    • MikeB
      MikeB July 13, 2012

      Great example Jesse!

      Aren’t all D&D characters (looting and pillaging dungeons) thieves at the end of the day?

      • Brian
        Brian July 13, 2012

        Are we? We break into strangers’ homes (dungeons), murder them, take everything of value from their corpses, and then pawn their family heirlooms at the closest town until its bankrupt, and generally gloat about it while accepting the world to call you hero.

        I think my next campaign world will view ‘adventurers’ the same way normal people view repo-men, ambulence chasers, and debt collectors. How would you feel if your double shift barely covers your beer tab and some jackass bunch of graverobbers start tossin hundred dollar bills around the pub?

  2. Brian
    Brian July 13, 2012

    Meh, just call me CV (Like CB in CB Radio), or ‘Brian’ will do. One of the things I like about the theif/wizards game is that it gives you a new appreciation of low level spells. Momentary distractions are awesome to make on the fly. People get used to depending upon having the right spell for some occasion these days, but back in the old days people spent more energy trying to figure out how to make do.

    The best thing about the thief is the mindset. Sure a barbarian or a few good fighters could hack there way through a crowd, or break into a bank. The thief can do this without you even knowing how or when.

    Perhaps you should do one strictly on Assassins as a tie in. Similar traits, but far more cunning.

  3. Jayson
    Jayson July 24, 2012

    Working for the justice system has given me a lot of insight into thieves. Thieves will roll on each other or deflect blame onto others faster and more often than any other type of criminal.

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