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Tower of the Ape: Savage Worlds Deluxe Role-Play Drama


Introductions 1 – Champions of Mother Earth
Introductions 2 – Betrayal
Introductions 3 – Girl of the Snows
Episode 1 – Shadows of Sultanapur
Episode 3 – Plots & Secrets
Episode 4 – Blood & Honor
Episode 6 – Horror & Madness
Episode 7 – The Black Spire
For those who want the entire Tower of the Ape experience in one,

Cast of Characters

Player Characters:

Renyard Durand



Renyard DurandPoitanian Swordmaster

Played by Mike







Valacious Mysterious Sorcerer

Played by Mark







MadhedaiHyrkanian Nomad

Played by Dan




Loviisa Imeldsdatter



Loviisa Imeldsdatter Aesir Barbarian

Played by Shannon






Roños – Zamorian Thief

Played by Dave




Odored Soractus



Odored Soractus Pict Warrior

Played by Jayson







Mofir Zamorian Mystic

Played by Shawn



Go here for Savage Worlds Character Sheets of PCs


  1. King
    King January 9, 2014

    I had a lot of fun with Mofir! I hope everyone enjoyed listening!

  2. Aeron
    Aeron February 25, 2015

    Thank you for this outstanding content! I listened to the complete saga over a few weeks while jogging, and it was riveting! Much appreciation to all that were a part of it. Your roleplaying, action, and story were awesome.

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