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Tower of the Ape Introductions – Champions of Mother Earth

ToA Final Cover

Champions of Mother Earth is the first prologue episode to our Savage Worlds Conan: Tower of the Ape Roleplay Drama series.

Set one-year before the action of Tower of the Ape, the prologue episodes introduce you to the characters and establish their stake in the main tale.

Champions of Mother Earth Characters:

Odored Soractus

Odored Soractus

Born in Gunderland, raised by Picts. Odored seeks to avenge his wife who was killed by a man named Dardo.

Played by Jayson
Created by Paul Kirk

Mofir - Web page


The mystic that lives deep in the eastern mountains of Zamora. He is awaiting the arrival of a man who will help him fulfill his prophesized destiny.
Played by Shawn
Created by Temmogen



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Prologue/Anvil of Crom – by Basil Poledouris

The Dreaming Anew/Memories of Cimmeria and The Dreaming/Ere the World Crumbles – by Knut Avenstroup Hagen


  1. Elderman
    Elderman September 11, 2013

    Still awesome. It’s quintessential sword and sorcery.

    Has it changed any since it was first posted after a Gamerstable episode?

      • Elderman
        Elderman September 14, 2013

        I thought I recognized the Mofir – Odored meeting from the two intros posted after ep114.

        After that episode you guys also posted a Madhedai – Loviisa intro that I loved. It was a great idea to give Madhedai a brand. It also like how he became a politicker — though in Howard’s Hyperborian age, people who are good at talking tend to come to sticky ends… I hope Madhedai fare better! I look forward to hearing all of them in action more soon.

  2. Paul
    Paul September 27, 2013

    Hi guys, excellent stuff. I’m looking forward to further episodes.

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