Tower of the Ape Introductions – Betrayal

Tower of the Ape Introductions – Betrayal

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Betrayal is the second prologue episode to our Savage Worlds Conan: Tower of the Ape Roleplay Drama series.


Set one-year before the action of Tower of the Ape, the prologue episodes introduce you to the characters and establish their stake in the main tale.


Betrayal Characters:

Valacious - Web Page


A man of mysterious origin, Valacious… or Valoc journeys to Messantia in search of an item of great importance.

Played by Mark

Created by Brian Scott



A wanderer and scholar, Orah is a man of vast knowledge and connections. He and Valacious have travelled together for a time searching for an item of antiquity.

Created by Temmogen

Renyard Web Page

Renyard Durand

Poitainian swordmaster who seeks to sell his blade to the highest bidder.

Played by Mike

Created by Kevin Smith

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Music by  Basil Poledouris and Knut Avenstroup Hagen

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  1. I really appreciate the production value and work done on this series. That takes major time investment. I also am very pleased to hear humorus gamer bits making it into the work. This is what makes it different from a simple radio play, and I couldn’t be happier.


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