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What Type of Player Are You? – Ep47

Are Method Actors just larping sitting down?


On the popular gaming website, EN World, there is a thread on their forum that caught our attention. It is a poll that asks how you would categorize yourself in gamer terms. We put ourselves to the question.


As if there could not possibly be more hijinx to this episode, our friends (Mike) Kramer and Ryan from the Action Nerds: Go! podcast join in the discussion.


What Type of Player Are You? – Ep47


Cast – Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson, Shawn, (Mike) Kramer & Ryan


Running Time – 29:54


00:00     Intro and Welcome

Item Mentioned: Action Nerds: Go!

00:45     On to the Topic: The Breakdown of the Types of Gamers

Items Mentioned: EN World, Dungeons & Dragons

02:39     (Topic) Mike is First

Items Mentioned: Shadowrun, Kurt Vonnegut

04:20     (Topic) Dan is Next

05:59     (Topic) The Guests are Not Exempt – Kramer’s Turn

Item Mentioned: Harry Potter

07:59     (Topic) and then Ryan’s

Item Mentioned: Pathfinder

08:57     TANGENT: Convention Talk

Items Mentioned: Gen Con, ACen, Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration

10:32     Back to Topic: Mark on the Hot Seat

10:50     TANGENT: Method Actor Kevin

11:40     Back to Topic: Back to Mark

13:09     TANGENT: Kramer’s Take on Powergamers

14:13     (Topic) Jayson Under the Microscope

17:49     (Topic)  Shawn’s Turn

18:15     TANGENT: GenCon Goal = Spend Shawn’s Money

18:39     TANGENT: Gaming Tables

Items Mentioned: Geek Chic, New Yankee Workshop, Sons of Anarchy, the Capstan Table

20:49     TANGENT: The Burning Question

21:43     TANGENT: More Geek Chic

22:37     Back to Topic: Eric’s Type

23:16     TANGENT: Method Actors?

Items Mentioned: Victoriana, F’d Up In Middle America

25:29     Back to Topic: and Back to Eric

26:00     TANGENT: Powergamer vs. Munchkin

26:27     Back to Topic: and Back to Eric, Again

28:03     (Topic) Tell Us Your Style

29:10     Outro





Thanks to Mike and Ryan for lending us their time, voices and great input. Check out their site and listen to their show, you will not be disappointed.

Click for their page: Action Nerds: Go!


This topic can be found on EN World Forum here.


  1. Skunkape
    Skunkape March 7, 2012

    It depends on the game I’m playing but I’m usually either a Casual Gamer, Specialist, Story Teller and if you consider planning out a character from 1st level to 20th being a Power Gamer, well, I have been one of those in the past.

  2. Jayson
    Jayson March 16, 2012

    Mark is still stinging from being labeled a power gamer.

    I’m still stinging from being referred to as an “inattentive Gamer” and an “iPhone Gamer”… Mostly because it’s true.

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