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Vigilantes & Street Level Heroes – Ep264

Street Level Heroes

We love us some gritty, street level heroes. But what does that really mean and how are they different from vigilantes? Is there difference?


Cast – Shannon, Dan, Eric, Jayson, Shawn and Mike


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  1. Scott
    Scott May 3, 2016

    And we are going dark.
    Going on the definitions listed on the FBI page I think The Punisher would be classed as a Spree Killer.

    The Street Level Hero (ie Batman, Nightwing, Manhunter, etc) always were my favourite. I like the highly trained hero who has flaws, as opposed to Cosmic level messiah types who are only hurt by ultra rare green rocks. 😉

    Another good ep.

  2. Hopeless
    Hopeless May 3, 2016

    So how different is this when we talk about Luke Cage?

    I’m been wondering how a character with flight, super strength & stamina but with limited invulnerability would work in such a setting.

    By limited I mean a form of Status Change such as seen in Mutant X where one character could solidify themselves but only as long as they could hold their breath.

    In the above case they can temporarily render themselves invulnerable with a boost in strength and endurance that can only be used so many times before she would need to rest.

    Okay now I’ll listen to the podcast!

  3. Hopeless
    Hopeless May 3, 2016

    I’m wondering what if you’re the bad guy but the good guys are so bad you’re forced to be the good guy to prevent something far worse from happening!

    Good god what if its the Batman from BvS as depicted except he’s gone completely insane!

    He’s so bad he makes Lex look inept… oh right he was inept wasn’t he!!!

  4. Hopeless
    Hopeless May 3, 2016

    A Vigilante is someone who doesn’t work along with the law for various reasons.

    A Street level Super Hero is someone who can work with the law when they need to.

    So is the real difference is whether they can be pursued by the police because they’re considered a criminal as much as the people they fight against?

  5. Hopeless
    Hopeless May 3, 2016

    I was picturing how they would be first introduced.
    How would a new street level hero cope if their first adventure involved them dressed in cosplay gear as one of the Thunderbirds Are Go with an audio disc player located somewhere on their belt which goes off after their hit as a form of irritation since they subsequently keep getting mistaken as “John” from TAG?!

    Not sure I have figured out the difference between the two yet!

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