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Villainous Heroes – Ep289


As the famous agent of chaos John Bender once said, being bad feels pretty good.

Sometimes you want a break from being a good person, following rules and toeing the line. Sometimes, you wanna break some shit… and play the bad guy.


Cast – Dan, Deuce, Shannon, Eric, Jayson, Mike, Brandi and Brandon


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  1. Millefune
    Millefune October 25, 2016

    Shannon in this episode and the previous one (“Goals”) was amazing with the call-outs. So glad she’s come back to being more of a regular. Missed her when she was gone for several episodes in a row.

  2. Saucy
    Saucy October 25, 2016

    Necessary Evil (a Savage Worlds game) does this pretty well: the good superpeople fought an alien invasion and got wiped out. Supervillains have to band together to survive the alien overlords.

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